2026 National

Payment Information

  • Payment of $3000 covers the cost of all tournament fees throughout the season, player uniforms, hats, officials, etc. First payment is non-refundable.
  • There are no cash refunds. No exceptions will be made. Credits may be applied in extenuating circumstances in which a player becomes injured and not medically cleared to play.
  • Parents are responsible for the cost of travel to and from tournaments, meals, overnight lodging, etc.
  • Players must provide their own baseball pants (white), baseball gloves, batting gloves, helmets and shoes.*(catchers must provide their own catching equipment)

Payment Instructions

You have the option of paying in full or selecting (3) installment payments.   The first 1/3 of the total cost (full or installment) is non-refundable.

If you would like to pay the entire balance by credit card go HERE

*If you would like to make payments by credit card installments go HERE

*The team you are paying for is 2026 National”, please select accordingly.  1⁄3 of the fee will be charged instantly ($1000) another 1/3 will be charged each month until the balance is paid. *You only have to register once, payment will automatically be charged each month until paid in full.