[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Jeff Whitfield, Assistant Coach College of Charleston”]

Elite provides players of all ages everything they need to be successful in the sport of baseball. With their extremely knowledgeable staff, connections with good college programs, and facilities provide top of the line environment for players to succeed. We have been friends and partners for many years with the Elite staff and continue to keep this since they are some of the best in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Not only do they develop great baseball players but great young men as well. We look forward to our continued relationship with this awesome program.


[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Ryan Horning, Head Coach Franklin and Marshall”]

Elite Baseball does a tremendous job of developing talent. Matt Werts, Matt Knox, and Brian McKenna have great relationships with college coaches because of their honesty, integrity, and knowledge of the game. We will always look to recruit Elite Baseball players as we know they are taught the right way to play the game.


[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Scott Ray, Parent of Jackson Ray”]

The coaches at Elite do everything possible to put their players in the best possible position to succeed. From the plans and goals tailored to each player, to way they handle the workouts to meet those goals, and the interaction with the college coaches, everything is directed to the success of the players. Jackson has been thrilled with the entire experience and says he looks forward to continuing to work with them all through college. Coming to Elite was just a great decision.


[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Matt Spatafora, Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Niagara University”]

The Elite Baseball Program has established themselves as a top baseball program for player development in the state of Pennsylvania. Matt Werts and his coaching staff have done a great job in developing student athletes that are ready physically and mentally to thrive at the college level. I have had the pleasure to work with them in the recruiting process and they are very informed on the process of getting there players ready to transition to university. I look forward to Niagara University’s continued relationship with such a great program!


[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Scott Roane, Assistant Coach Towson University”]

Elite Baseball has done a great job of preparing young men for the opportunity to play college baseball. Matt Werts, Brian McKenna, Matt Knox and their staff are very passionate about teaching and developing each kid’s skill level. Their kids are always prepared to play and ready to succeed when they get to college.

Their events/ showcases/ camps are must attend for our staff, as we have recruited numerous kids from them. We look forward to continuing to work with Elite Baseball!


[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Shawn Stiffler, Head Coach VCU”]

Elite baseball is the exact organization that every player should be looking for! From teams, camps, and personal lessons, players of all ages are given the tools to take their game to the next level!