Elite Baseball has been running travel teams since 2007.  Our age groups range from 10u all the up to the 17u showcase level.   Whether it is our 13u teams transitioning to the 90 foot diamond, or our showcase teams honing their skills to play in college, all our teams are being prepared for the next level of baseball in their career.

Our teams are coached by professional coaches, with decades of experience both playing and coaching at the highest levels.  Our belief is that practice is every bit as important as playing games, so all of our teams practice at least twice a week.

Our teams are not formed with the sole goal of winning championships, we form teams to challenge our players so they can reach their highest potential.  Our players do not play “down” in their age group, we place players based on their graduation year and skill level.  Here is some more information on our teams:

Showcase Teams

Our showcase teams are the best in the Mid-Atlantic region at showcasing our players in front of the schools they need to be seen by.  We do this by playing in top level showcase tournaments up and down the east coast.  We also host Scout Days which consists of workouts and games for only our players in front of numerous college coaches.  Our showcase teams also practice 2 times a week in order to be able to be prepared for their games on the weekend in front of college coaches.  This formula has helped us place over 220 young men into college since 2007.

For more information on our showcase teams please contact Matt Werts

Pennsylvania Teams

15/16U:  Our Pennsylvania teams will play a mixture of tournaments and midweek games, and also practice 1-2 times a week.  This gives our players the opportunity to play a large number of games and continue to develop their skills.  Our players will have the opportunity to be on the field 5-6 times a week with our professional coaches, while keeping travel to a minimum.

For more information please contact Matt Knox